Siemag specializes in high precision machining for mission critical applications. Review our capabilities and equipment list found below.  Contact us with any questions or to request a quote.


Engineering CNC Machining
CNC Milling CNC Lathe
Automatic Sawing Grinding
Manual Milling Manual Lathe
Honing Tool and Die Work
Metal Fabrication


Custom Hardware Custom Components
Specialized Gas Turbine Assemblies Finished Machined Consumer Parts
Overspeed Assemblies Electrical Assemblies

We can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. Contact us with your needs and we can work with you on your product specifications.

Equipment and Facility List


Doosan S 390L Turning Center
Max dia. 15.35” x 28.8” length

Doosan S 310N Turning Centers
Max dia. 12.2” x 17.72” length

Doosan Lynx 220LC Turning Center
Max dia. 12” x 20” length

Doosan Lynx 220LY Turning Center
Max dia. 12” x 20” length w/ barfeeder
Live tooling in C and Y axis

(2) Doosan GT2600 Turning Centers Max dia. 18.1” x 25.9” length

Doosan 2600M Turning Center
Max dia. 18.9” x 29.9” length
Live tooling in C axis

Doosan 2500 LY Turning Center Max dia. 12.99 x20.08 length
Live tooling in C and Y axis

(3) Samsung SL20 Turning Center
Swing 11.81” X 20.47”

Hardinge Chucker w/ Auto Threader

Hardinge Speed Lathe


(2) OKK HM600 HMC .001 Fourth axis 60 tool 50 taper

Table travel 30.71” x 29.53” x 31.5” Dual pallet on both machines High Pressure coolant Hydralic clamping capabilities

Toyoda Wele Stealth 1365 VMC
Table travel 51.2” x 25.6” x 23.6” high pressure coolant

Toyoda Wele Stealth 1565 VMC
Table travel 59.1” x 25.6” x 23.6” high pressure coolant

(2) Doosan MV3016 VMC Table travel 30” x 16” x 22” 4 axis rotary on both

Doosan DNM400 VMC
Table travel 30” x 17” x 22” high pressure coolant w/ 4+1 ATS rotary

Haas TM2 vertical milling machine, w/ 4TH Axis Rotary Table Travel 40 “ x 16”

1 BRIDGEPORT manual milling machines

2 Sharp manual milling machines

Grinding and Finishing

Ried Surface Grinder 6’ x 12” Auto Feed

Karstens O.D & I.D Grinder  8” x 16”

KBC cylindrical Grinder 8” x 24”

Cincanniti Tool & Cutter Grinder

Darex Tool & Cutter Grinder

Other Various Bench & Pedestal Grinders

Sunnen Honing Machine w/ all Gages

Okamoto 12-25 ST

Giant Vibrotory Tumbler

Burr King Bowl Vibrotory Tumbler


Hyd-Mec auto horizontal cut off saw, 18” bar capacity

W.F. Wells horizontal cut off saw, 12” bar capacity

DoAll vertical band saw

Kalamazoo cutt off abrasive saw

Q.C & measuring instruments calibration by JA King

Starret CMM
Capacity 1m x 1m x 750mm

Nikon CMM
Capacity 800mm x 700mm x 600mm
MAHR CX1 digital height gauge
MAHR CX2 digital height gauge

Wilson Rockwell hardness tester height masters 12” & 16”
Mahr surface roughness tester 2-84 Pc. Johansen block sets 1” thru 12” micrometers

Complete set Sunnen Dial Bore gauges other misc. dial bore gauges pingages .005 thru 1.000 plus other various Deltronic Pin Gauges Intertest Groove Gauges

Assorted Ring and Plug thread gauges verniers up to 34” optical comparator spring compression tester

Marking Equipment

Lectroetech marking system
Tykma programmable laser engraver with rotary head

EDM Equipment

(2) Belmont SY-CNC3040T 5 Axis Drill EDM


Mastercam 2017 Mill Level III / Lathe Level II Solidworks 2017
Wirefree CNC DNC


ISO 9001/2015